Incfile LLC Review: Best Business Formation Services of 2021?

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 4, 2021

Tired of struggling with filing complex taxes, banking, and bookkeeping of your business?

Incfile is an innovative online formation service that helps entrepreneurs get their business started the right way. They take care of the bureaucratic filing so that you can focus on your company.

Our team has formed many LLCs and spend countless hours using Incfile’s platform. In this review, we are going to go over everything that you need to know about Incfile so you can choose the best online formation service for your business’ needs.

They’re here to help you by providing the fastest and easiest ways to start your business.

So, Let’s Dive In…

Incfile formation services

Top Business Formation Services

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• Form an LLC for $0 + State Fees
• FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
• Trusted by over 500,000+ Businesses
• 100% Transparency


• Form an LLC for $49 + State Fees
• FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
• Launched over 80,000+ Businesses
• 100% Accuracy Guarantee

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• Form an LLC for $225 + state fees
• Registered Agent Service included ($125)
• Forming Businesses Since 1998
• 100% Error-Free Guarantee

What is Incfile?

Best known for its business formation services Incfile is an online legal services company. They help small business owners form business entities, file compliance documents, and file taxes.

Here are the ins and outs of Incfile to give you an idea of why you should consider them.

  • Incfile offers FREE online legal services (business formation for $0 + state fees) company that helps you start a business or improve an existing one
  • They have assisted more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in the formation and growth of their businesses
  • Incfile is your one-stop-shop for building your business offering numerous services
  • They empower those with great ideas and try to fulfill their potential by bringing them to life

How Does Incfile work?

LLC formation, registered agent, compliance, and startup services — all in one place.

It only takes these 3 simple steps for you to begin:

#1 Select the right business structure for your needs

When forming a business, you have a few business structures to choose from:

  • LLC
  • S-corporation
  • C-corporation
  • Non-profit

If you’re not sure which business structure is right for you, Incfile can help with that. Incfile has a ton of available information to help you to make that decision.

Incfile offers three main business formation packages, each with its unique combination of pricing and features.

Depending on which state you’re in they’ll give you the price and fees that go along with the foundation of your company.

Before you get lost, our team researched the subject and outlined the best state to form your business, check it out.

# 2 Choose the package that best suits your goals

Incfile offers a ton of great value for a super low cost.

Up until a few months ago, Incfile charged $49+ to form an LLC. Now, their new and discounted rate will form an LLC for $0 + state fees!

Not to mention that Incfile also includes a registered agent for a full year!

Incfile presents its clients 3 different packages. As an entrepreneur myself, it’s important to really study what they offer to ensure you get what your business needs.

We’ll break it down for you one by one.

Silver Package

Silver – This is the basic option that Incfile offers and they will form your LLC for you for $0 + state fee. The main highlights in this package include:

  • Unlimited name searches
  • FREE Registered Agent for a year!
  • Prepare & Filing the Articles of Organization

This option is going to be a good fit if you’re looking to form your business and move away from the fancy “bells and whistles”.

Now let’s move on to the next package.

Gold Package

Gold — This package gives you everything the silver package offers and more. The Gold package costs $149+ state fees. The main highlights in this package include:

  • EIN (employer identification number) number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • An operating agreement
  • A banking resolution
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Online access dashboard
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Business banking account
  • Business tax consultation

There is no doubt that this package adds a ton of value. If you are someone who’s looking to hit the ground running, then the gold package is for you.

Platinum Package

Platinum — The platinum package is the top of the top! This package gives you everything from that gold and silver offers and some. The platinum packages cost is $299 + state fees. The main highlights in this package include:

  • Business Contract Templates
  • Expedited filling
  • Domain name
  • Business Email

The platinum package would best suit an entrepreneur who wants the “works”. If you’re not so fond of the bureaucracy of filing a business and setting up your needed infrastructure, this is the package for you.

Or if you’re in a hurry and you need expedited filing Incfile provides you with this option in the platinum package so spending that extra buck will definitely be worth it!

Our team researched the online formation ecosystem and review the top services. Check out our IncAuthority, Swyft Filing, or Northwest Registered agents.

# 3. Describe your idea or business

  • Tell them about your idea — Try to elaborate as much as possible, so they can help you decide which option would best suit your needs.
  •  Give details about your thoughts and plans for the project — Details are key when you’re trying to precisely describe your thoughts. Your idea should be clear and straight to the point.
  •  Leave nothing out because meeting your expectations is their goal — Sometimes the smallest thing can make a big difference. Such as meeting expectations and exceeding them!

So, what’s happens next?

Once Incfile’s team revives your request, they will:

  • Review your request — Incfile will review our request. Once approved you will get access to your own personal business dashboard. From there, you can review all your order details to ensure everything is just as it should be.
  • Check provided information — They conduct a thorough name search with the state to ensure your company name is unique to you and not already taken. If you’d like to do a search for your business name now, you can use our Business Name Search tool.
  • Prepare filing — At this point, Incfile prepares and delivers the LLC to the governing agency. The filed articles along with any extra services and documents are accessible from your custom dashboard. You’ll receive a notification once they’re ready. All set!

It’s now time for you to get access

Once your set up with Incfile and they have filed your business, you now have access to their resources.

Incfile offers you a suite of startup services to support businesses after formation for the lifetime of their business this includes:

  • Access to 25+ business contracts
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Business formation kit
  • Preparation and filing of taxes including IRS Form 2553
  • Banking resolution
  • Statement and resignation of the incorporated
  • Online order status tracking and express shipping

All this information is available on your custom business dashboard.

Incfile: Pros and Cons

The Pros

Providing FREE formation services ($0 + state fees)

  • Unlike most platforms nowadays that provoke you to test them out, only to find out that they’re hiding fees and charges.

The extensive experience they provide for you!

  • Incfile has made 250,000 plus happy customers in almost 20 years. It is quite an achievement to serve that large number in a relatively small-time.

The full year of the registered agent at your service for FREE!

  • Incfile provides you with a full year of registered agent services completely FREE. After that, Incfile offers you these services at a lower price than its competitors.

The Lifetime alerts that you’re going to receive

  • Incfile sends you lifetime alerts about statistics, licensing renewal and annual reports. Also, about employment contracts and many more through SMS and emails. Helps you to keep track of deadlines as well.

If you’re wondering how long It takes to create an LLC, our team pulled together the resources and shared personal experiences.

The Real Feedback that you can see from other people

  • Going over the customer reviews of a company providing a service is super important! We read over countless reviews and aside from using Incfile ourselves to form LLCs, Incfile has maintained an exceedingly high customer rating with more than 17,800 positive reviews.

They provide user-friendly customer support for you

  • The customer support center of Incfile allows you to communicate with extremely helpful representatives. You receive incredible support from the Incfile customer care on emails and phone calls.

There are many alternative online formation services that we recommend that you check out before choosing one.

We have also compared a few top formation services head to head such as Incfile and LegalZoom and Incfile and ZenBusienss.

Before choosing, we highly recommend checking out our in-depth articles where we compare these services head-to-head.

The Cons

Sometimes they get delayed

  • Occasionally, reaching Incfile’s customer support is difficult, but they do hold standard CST business hours.

They don’t provide Legal forms or Legal Advice plans

  • If you find yourself in need of Legal advice, you’re going to have to speak to a solicitor because they cannot help you with that.

Limited telephone customer support

  • The hours that they provide customer support are from 9 am to 6 pm CST.

Incfile provides upsell services

  • Even though their free formation LLC service is a great deal, you’re going to deal with more upsells if you want a more full formation package.

Conclusion & Summary

Overall, their process is easy to use, and they have snippets throughout registration. This helps you answer your questions along the way.

They care about your privacy, so they tell you why they need certain information and what they’re going to do with it.

Their years of experience in assisting businesses to get off the ground and startup is a positive sign that this is a company you can trust.

Also, the transparency of their flat-rate fees is definitely one of their best qualities.

They’re quick to fix mistakes and consistently work to make the process as easy as possible.

Incfile is a safe and trusted business formation service with over 17,500 positive online reviews. They’re known for great customer service and satisfaction with their products and pricing.

To get a better understanding of the costs involved to set up an LLC check out our article.

Forming an LLC is a big step and a milestone in your journey as an entrepreneur. Make sure you do your research and choose the best online formation services that answer your business’ needs.