Incfile vs Inc Authority

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 29, 2024

Building a Business isn’t an easy task, but you can reduce your headaches by getting help from a professional business formation service.

That allows you to focus on being an owner.

There’s a lot of great companies out there that can form your business for you. But there are a very limited amount of FREE formation services that actually provide value.

Incfile and Inc Authority are two top formation services and our team of researchers and business developers compared them head-to-head.

In this review, we uncover all the key information that you’ll need to choose the best online formation service out of these two giants.

Let’s do it!

Top LLC Formation Services
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  • FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
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  • 100% Transparency
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  • Fast & Simple LLC Formation
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Incfile is a top-tier formation company that was founded in 2004 as is currently headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Since their establishment, Incfile has assisted more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in the formation and growth of business.

Their easy online process directs the way and can have you incorporated within 5 minutes.

Their mission is to provide small business owners with top-of-the-line formation service at an unparalleled value which includes:

Infiles services are organized in one place so you can file your business for $0 plus state filing fee. If you are interested in Incfile, take a look at our LegalZoom vs Incfile to see how those LLC formation services compare.

Why we like Incfile

Business formation for $0 + state fees
Assisted more than 500,000 entrepreneurs
A full year of the registered agent service for FREE

Why we dislike Incfile

Upsells throughout the registration process
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services

The Inc Authority company has been around for more than 30 years. In that time they’ve helped small business owners around the US achieve their dream of owning a business.

To date, they’ve formed hundreds of thousands of businesses and are super passionate about LLC formation (a little weird but were okay with that).

They differ from other filing companies in many ways.

Filing companies often brag that they have great reviews, but Inc Authority really has the evidence to prove it.

Inc Authority holds a 5-star reviews and A+ Trustpilot ratings.

Inc Authority is a Free Full-service Business formation specialist.

What they do is more than just forming businesses. They offer a comprehensive list of start-up business services designed to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow business.

These services include:

— Business plans

— Business funding

— Business credit

— Website/Marketing packages

— Legal services

— Much more

Why we like Inc Authority

Free LLC Formation $0
Tax planning consultation
FREE registered agent service for a year

Why we dislike Inc Authority

Numerous upsells
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services

Do Incfile and Inc Authority Offer a Free LLC?

Yes they do, but it’s a bit more complicated than a yes or no answer.

Both Incfile and Inc Authority provide LLC filing for $0 plus state filing fees in the best state to start your LLC. We are remarkably familiar with competitor online formation services and must note that they offer a great deal!

Other formation service charge anywhere forms $49 – $149 just to file the LLC formation paperwork.

The issue here is that businesses need a few additional items to really disconnect themselves from filing obligations.

  1. LLCs are required (most states) to appoint or hire a registered agent
  2. LLCs are required to file for an EIN (employer identification number)

Both Incfile and Inc Authority proves those essential services (and more). That is what we call “upselling” because those services aren’t in the free package.

How Does Incfile and Inc Authority Make Money?

Long story short, they make their money by upselling additional products and services as well as filing yearly compliance.

That is how they are able to both provide free LLC filing services.

Let’s move over to the head-to-head comparison!

Incfile vs Inc Authority: Head-to-Head Package Comparison

Both Incfile and Inc Authority provide a large array of online formation filing.

Incfile offers a 3-series packaging structure, while Inc Authority provides 4 packages. To make this review as easy to understand as possible we will compare their packages and disclose all the details in Inc Authorities 4th package.

Both formation companies name their packages differently so to keep things consistent, we decided to organize the packages by the following terms:

  • Basic Package
  • Traditional Package
  • Supreme Package

So let’s break down the packages and go straight into the head-to-head comparison!

Basic Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages


 Inc Authority

Basic Package Price (Without the service fee depending on your state)



Processing Time 1-3weeks

(depending on the state)

1-3 weeks

(depending on the state)

Registered Agent Services

$0  for the first year

$0  for the first year

Operating Agreement



Employer Identification Number(EIN)

     $70 (includes tax ID)


Legal Package and Ownership Certificates & Seals



Basic Plan Breakdown: LLC Registration Services

Incfile – $0 + state fees – Forms your business according to the State of preference.

They also offer you Free lifetime company alerts, advisory services, and Tax: Free 30-minute consultation in their Basic Package.

For $0, Incfile will completely file your LLC. It’s a basic package with no add-ons unless you want them (they just file the formation documents). That said, their add-ons are diverse, from an operating agreement, banking resolutions, tax registrations, and more.

You can add them on as you go along. They’ll present you with optional extras while you enter your details.

The Incfile Basic Package is an incredible bargain, as it includes the full formation of your LLC, one year of registered agent service, and a statement of the organizer form. All that for $0 + state fees.

Inc Authority – $0 + state fees – They include step-by-step instructions to review your LLC documents and get your business started.

Inc Authority provides you with a Tax Planning Consultation, Business Checking Account, Registered Agent INC CARE Support and more all for $0 + state fees.

It’ll be worth your while to research the add-ons that they offer. If your not sure whether to need them or not try and speak with an attorney about the specifics for your business.

Spending that extra buck now may save you in a lot of legal expenses later.

Every business is unique. So, do your research and make an educated decision that works best for your business and situation.

Traditional Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages


Inc Authority

Traditional Package Price (without state fee)

 $149 per year

$399 per year

Processing Time


(depending on the state)


(depending on the state)

Registered Agent Services

$0  for the first year

$0  for the first year

Operating Agreement


Employer Identification Number (EIN)



Yearly Compliance

Free lifetime company alerts


Traditional Plan Breakdown

Incfile – $149+ state fees

The Traditional package costs $149, and it includes everything from the Basic package plus:

  • EIN Tax Number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Lifetime of Company Alerts
  • Online Dashboard
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support
  • Business Banking Account
  • Business Tax Consultation

Incfile’s Traditional Package covers everything you need to get your business up and running. Compared to Inc Authority, its less that half the price!

Inc Authority – $399 + state fees

The Traditional Package provides a business credit and funding evaluation which can lead to getting pre-approved for $50k – $150k in working capital (unsecured loans & credit lines for start-ups) in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to that, the Inc Authority Traditional Package and includes everything from basic package plus:

  • Verification of business name availability
  • State filed articles
  • Company seal & record book
  • Initial meeting minutes & resolutions
  • Business ownership certificates
  • Operating agreement
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Business credit & funding evaluation
  • Tax consultant

Inc Authority offers a much of services in the Traditional Package. Only you can be the judge if your business needs them or not.

Supreme Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages


Inc Authority

Supreme Package Price (without state fee)



Processing Time

2 business days (depending on the state)

Express processing saves you several days(depending on the state)

Registered Agent Services



Operating Agreement


Employer Identification Number(EIN)



Yearly Compliance


Supreme Plan Breakdown

Incfile – $299 + state fees – Their Supreme Package provides you with everything in the Traditional Package plus:

  • Expedited filing
  • Domain Name + Business Email
  • Business Contract Templates

The Supreme package also adds on expedited processing, so if time is a factor, this may be the best filing package for you.

Inc Authority – $499 + state fees – The extras that are added to the Supreme Package are:

  • Website domain
  • Business license report

The Price difference from the Traditional Package to the Supreme Package is mainly derived from the website domain.

In this package you also get access to the business license report. This report offers informaiton noting which license you’ll need based on your business’s location.

As mentioned above, Inc Authority has a fourth Supreme+ Package.

Supreme+ Plan Breakdown

Supreme+ Package that costs $799 – This Plan includes everything from the Supreme Package shown above plus the below features:

  • Express processing
  • Biz Credit Express
  • Business credit coach
  • Multi-tiered credit building system
  • Business credit launchpad
  • D&B credit bureau registration

Extra Options and Add-ons 

Both Incfile and Inc Authority offer additional extras, services, and features that you can benefit from.

Incfile does present a few interesting add-ons as part of your order, but you can opt out of any of them. Quite a few of their options include setting up a business bank account with Bank of America which your business will surely benefit from if you don’t have a business bank account.

If you feel like you need to reach more potential customers and partners, then SnapWeb has your back because they’ll create a business website for you.

Inc Authority allows you to construct your plan and add on the services that you see fit. Simply choose the services from this list that you’d like to purchase and they will add them to your overall package:

  • An EIN ($49)
  • An operating agreement ($89)
  • Legal documents package with ownership certificate ($99)
  • Domain registration from GoDaddy ($19)
  • Inc Success Advisor ($197/year or $27/month)
  • Express Processing ($49)

As a top formation service, Inc Authority offers a robust array of other services to help your business thrive including assistance with business plans, funding and credit, legal services, and marketing packages.

Category Comparison: Incfile Vs Inc Authority

In this section, we are going to compare Incfile and Inc Authority diving deeper into their DNA.

We will be looking at Price and Features, Experience, Customer Reviews, Ease of Use, Turn Around Time and more.

Let’s break them down, one by one!

Pricing, Features, and overall Value

Both companies provide great value in their whilst targeting a different client base.

Incfile for instance, once they have filed your business, and you have access to their resources they’ll offer you a range of startup services. This will provide your business with lifetime support even after formation, including:

  • Access to 25+ business contracts
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Business formation kit
  • Preparation and filing of taxes including IRS Form 2553
  • Banking resolution
  • Statement and resignation of the incorporated
  • Online order status tracking and express shipping

The great thing is that you have instant access to this information on your custom business dashboard.

With their free business formation services, It would be near impossible for any other company to match what these two are offering.

But just because Incfile and Inc Authority offer free online filing, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best choice for you and your business.

Inc Authority’s variety of services is astounding and include benefits such as:

  • One-on-one guidance and support
  • Exceptional customer service from our dedicated team of business coaches
  • 50 U.S. State Incorporation Service with expedited filing available
  • Tax Planning and Bookkeeping
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Business Credit and Funding

These services can drastically improve your processes of running a business.

A negative that Incfile and Inc Authority share is that they both lack legal aid services (aside from LLC formation).

If you need legal aid in relation to a more serious event, you’re just going to have to go to a lawyer.

Background & Experience

Incfile and Inc Authority have helped form thousands of businesses over the years, and they both have plenty of expertise. They’re trustworthy companies that will deliver great and fast results.

Incfile has over 500,000 satisfied clients since they opened back in 2004.

They are also at the top of the list in 360 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in the US. It’s really no surprise that Incfile has hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

Inc Authority was formed in 1989, and since then they’ve formed more than 140,000 LLCs and corporations over the years. And even though they have served a smaller volume of customers, Inc Authority provides highly valuable features and has a proven track record.

Customer Service, Support, and Reviews

Incfile’s hours of availability run from 10 am to 7 pm ET on weekdays, and you can contact them via phone or email.

Inc Authority offers customer support via chat, phone, or email. Their representatives are available from 11 am to 8 pm ET on weekdays.

Both companies have great customer service and provide top-of-the-line support for their customers. Their representatives are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Also, the reviews and average ratings are almost an exact match with a 0.02 difference (in specific areas).

It’s important to mention that Incfile does have a lot more reviews than its rival, Inc Authority.

Ease of use and User Friendliness

Incfile and Inc Authority have up-to-date and user-friendly websites. It normally takes about 10-15 minutes to completely fill out the necessary information to get your LLC filed.

As mentioned, both companies offer free formation services. The chance of seeing upsells are high but of course, the choice is 100% yours.

Turnaround times and Formation speed

Let’s start by saying that in every single LLC formation company the speed that it take for an LLC to get up and running is derived by the state that you wish to form your business.

Normally it takes around 3 -5 week to form an LLC, but Incfile and Inc Authority raise the bar.

The turnaround times vary depending on the capabilities of each state. Having said that, both of these companies can form your LLC anywhere from 1 – 3 business days to a few weeks.

Together they provide you with the option of Expedited Filing which is available and included in their Supreme Packages.

This type of filing usually means Next Business Day delivery.

Incfile vs Inc Authority:Pro’s & Con’s

The Pro’s of Incfile

🏆 Their Experience is Tested, Proven and it Works!

Incfile has made 500,000 plus happy customers in almost 20 years. It is quite an achievement to serve that large of a population in such a limited time.

🏆 Registered Agent Service for FREE!

Incfile provides their clients with a full year of registered agent services completely FREE. Following, Incfile offers you these services at a lower price than its competitors ($119/year).

🏆 Lifetime Alerts

Incfile sends clients lifetime alerts relating to statistics, licensing renewal, and annual reports.

These alters helps you to keep track of deadlines and know when laws or regulations change.

🏆 Positive Customer Feesback

We reviewed countless customer feedback posts and aside from using Incfile ourselves to form LLCs, Incfile has maintained an exceedingly high customer rating with more than 17,800 positive reviews.

🏆 User-friendliness

Incfile’s customer support center offers extremely helpful and easy to get to representatives. Clients receive incredible support from the Incfile customer care via emails and phone calls.

The Pro’s of Inc Authority

🏆 Great Customer Service

While we forming an LLC with Inc Authority, a specialist called within an hour of signing up to chat about the upcoming steps of forming.

No doubt, having someone that you can rely on to give you a hand and advice not just in the beginning but also for what happens next is a huge advantage.

🏆 5 Point Name Check

In Authority provide a free business name availability search. By eliminating the names that are already taken, this helps clients focus on the best potential name without wasting time.

🏆 Free Registered Agent Service

Linke Northwest and Harbor Compliance, Inc Authority acts as your registered agent free of charge for 1 year.

If you’re leaning closer to Incfile we highly recommend scanning our Incfile vs ZenBusienss post.

The Cons of Incfile

⛔ Possible Delays

Occasionally, reaching Incfile’s customer support is difficult, but they do hold standard CST business hours.

⛔ Lack of Legal Forms or Legal Advice Plans

If you find yourself in need of Legal advice, Incfile probably isnt the best formation service for you. Try LegalZoom or LegalZoom alternatives, surely, they can help.

The Con’s of Inc Authority

⛔ Upsells

Even though their free formation LLC service is a great deal, you’re going to deal with more upsells if you want a more full formation package.

⛔ Expensive Supreme Package

While Inc Authority’s Supreme Pack is cheaper than hiring an attorney, its higher than more competitors.


Together both Incfile and Inc Authority rank highly and are worth your attention.

Depending on what your business needs and what your expectations are, either one will do the job well.

If the experience and customer volume are more important to you then Incfile could be a great filing company to go with.

If you are looking for an online formation company that also offers legal support, In Authority is probably a better choice.

Whether you’re starting an LLC, S Corp, C Corp, or other business entity, Incfile and Inc Authority provide clients with a superior and modern filing experience at an unparalleled value.

Also, their entity setup service is 100% free and they’ll waive the service charges, labor costs, and overhead. With these guys, you’ll only pay the state fees and postage.

If this Incfile vs Inc Authority comparison article was helpful to you, please do us a favor and share it with someone who would gain value from it.