Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom: LLC Business License Packages Head to Head

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 29, 2024

Finding the right Incorporation service for your business can be tough and time-consuming.

That’s why we conducted research and compared your options, Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom.

Our Research & Development Team has spent countless hours examining these two companies.

We’ve tested both services by filing LLCs with them so you can benefit from real-life examples and experience.

So you can trust that we can present you with all the valuable information that you will need to make the right choice for your business.

Without wasting any more time, we’ll go straight into the Comparison.

Top Business Formation Services
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  • Form an LLC for $0 + State Fees
  • FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
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Swyft Filings is an incorporation service that was founded in 2012 by a top lawyer with a proven track record.

Swyft Filings help entrepreneurs and small business owners by dealing with the whole formation process. They can also serve US-based and non-US residents altogether.

The company’s goal is to make things easier for clients to launch their business dreams. Without the hassle of having to find, hire, and pay high-priced and uncertain legal fees.

They’re designed to set up your business from the ground up while keeping the process easy, efficient, and as affordable as possible. Taking pride in being transparent in their pricing and services.

With helpful and knowledgeable representatives that specialize in business formation. They’ll be with you every step of the way no matter where your business location or industry.

Why we like Swyft Filings

File your LLC for $49 + State Fees
1 Year of FREE Registered Agent Services
High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why we dislike BizFilings

Do Not Provide EIN Services
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services
Legalzoom icon



Originally started in 2001 the LegalZoom Company has continuously been improving access to quality legal care and business formation.

Founded by Brian P. Y. Liu, Brian S. Lee, Edward R. Hartman, and Robert Shapiro in Glendale, California. More than 20 years ago that team created an astonishing legal company.

With revenues of over $200M and more than 1000 employees, they can provide guarantees that competitors can’t beat.

Starting with only 100K at the time, now they’ve got more than 4M customers helping with their legal needs. They provide them with great quality at a reasonable price.

LegalZoom offers a 60-day Refund Policy that guarantees the safe return of your initial payment.

As one of the few Incorporation companies that provide legal services and advice. Their network of independent attorneys is experienced in a wide range of legal issues, whether you need help in business or personal law.

Before you choose an LLC filing company, take a quick second to see how Incfile compares to LegalZoom or thre main differences between LegalZoom vs BizFilings.

Why we like LegalZoom

FIle your LLC for $79 + state fees
Money back guarantee
Provide large variety of legal services

Why we dislike LegalZoom

Many add-ons
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom: Head to Head Pricing

Both companies have their own way of providing you with value and benefits. To make things quick and digestible, we’ve placed their packages into three main categories:

  • Basic Package
  • Traditional Package
  • Supreme Package

This way you’ll be able to see and compare similar packages with ease.

Comparing these Swyft Filings and LeglZoom Head-to-Head is important to physically see the benefits and disadvantages fro each of the formation services.

The information below will ultimately help you make the best choice for your business.

In this section, we’ll guide you through each of their Plans including what they offer. We will also provide a detailed breakdown of every single feature as well as its benefits.

So let’s get started with the first:

Basic Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages Swyft Filings  LegalZoom
Basic Package Price (without state fee)  $49 + state fees  $79  + $85 AZ filing fees
Processing Time 7 business days 30 business days
Registered Agent Services $249 per year
Operating Agreement $35 $99 extra
Employer Identification Number(EIN) $70 Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Yearly Compliance   ✔ 1st month free, $280 per year
Domain Name Free Domain Name

Basic Plan Breakdown

Swyft Filings

Their $49 Basic Package includes features like a Free Name Availability Check. This allows you to verify that the name you’ve chosen for your business isn’t already taken by another company. They’ll promptly contact you and let you know whether the name is available.

Another great addition to this Plan is the fact that they prepare your articles of organization. And then file the required documentation with the secretary of the state.

When signing with Swyft Filings what they’ll do is to create a Statement of the Organiser. This signed and dated document passes control over the initial members of the LLC and will assist in the opening of a business bank account.

Throughout the whole process, you’ll benefit from having 24/7 access to your incorporation documents. They’re available for quick and easy download anytime if you wish to track all orders in real-time. This becomes super handy when you form a bank account and you need your filing forms.

The two main points of leverage for their Basic Plan are that they provide you with a Free 30-minute Tax Consultation. This is something very few of their competitors can provide.

They’re able to do that because of the partnership they made with an Accounting Firm that specializes in Taxes. One of the best perks of the Tax Consultation is that they’ll help you reduce the tax fees of your business.

Missing deadlines is just not cool, especially when were talking about reports and filings for your business. The Compliance Guard is there for you to use as a reminder of important due dates. It works for things like Annual Reports, Initial Reports, and Publication requirements.

And last but not least, Swyft Filings offer a Free Domain Name to your company for one full year. This will help you gain insight into the ways you can set up your company email and website.


For their $79 Basic Plan, LegalZoom also provides a comprehensive name search and business entity filing.

This includes the search of the state directory to confirm that your business name is available. Only after completing your LLC paperwork and its submission with your state.

The Peace of Mind Review is an amazing service if this is you first LLC formation. LegalZoom ensures that everything is successfully done with care and in great detail. Before they file your paperwork with consistency and completeness.

Receiving a Complete digital LLC welcome packet is a starter bonus that they’ll add to your order. This Includes your articles of organization which you won’t have to file yourself with the secretary of state. As well as a financial account authorization letter specifying who can open your business bank account. Also, a step-by-step checklist for after your LLC is formed.

Staying on top of everything with their Digital tracker so you can track your order progress in real-time on your LegalZoom account.

Being available and at your disposal 7 days a week with their lifetime customer support. If you need help they’ll there simply an email or phone call away. Their knowledgeable representatives can answer questions about the business formation process.

Staying well informed with their Entrepreneurs’ business newsletter. This will allow you to take advantage of some helpful tips and advice in the form of well-structured info from their newsletter.

Traditional Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages  Swyft Filings  LegalZoom
Basic Package Price (without state fee) $149 + state fees $329  + state fees
Processing Time 7 business days 15 business days
Registered Agent Services $159 per year
Operating Agreement $99 extra
Employer Identification Number(EIN) Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Yearly Compliance 1st month free, $280 per year

Traditional Plan Breakdown

Swyft Filings

The Traditional plan that Swyft Filings provide includes everything from the Basic Package plus:

  • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • Custom LLC Operating Agreement
  • Custom Corporate Banking Resolution
  • Custom Corporation Meeting Minutes

This package provides the most value for money in our opinion. This is because the Traditional Package offers everything that you need to form you business (Articles of Organization, Registered Agent and EIN filing).

The Federal Tax ID (EIN) is just like a social security number for your busienss. By US law, you must have one so that you can report requirements with the IRS, Medicare, and social security. Getting your business’s EIN from the get-go will save you a headache in the future.

If you don’t want to be held accountable for the mistakes or legal actions then you must have an Operating Agreement. This allows you to withhold being personally liable for the actions of the business.

Swyft Filings will also take care of the hassle of opening a business bank account.


Their $329 Traditional Package is twice as much as Swyft Filings but apart from all the features from their Basic plan it also includes:

  • Deluxe Organiser
  • Official Certificates and Seal
  • Personalized business embosser and membership certificates

Having everything neatly organized is always helpful. The Deluxe Organizer is an organizer stamped with the name of your business. Marking your important business milestones with a worthy place to store your important documents. Your LLC documents are esstentailly printed on archival paper and delivered in a compact and attractive package.

They provide 20 personalized company membership certificates. Also, an official company seals to record ownership in your business.

Personalized business embosser and membership certificates –

This includes the company membership certificates. As well as an official company embosser with your newly secured business name.

These additional perks are by no means a “must-have” for your business. If you would like to have the Deluxe Organiser, Official Certificates, and Seal Personalized business embosser then all the power to you.

If you’re low on funds, it might be a good idea to pass upon them.

  Supreme Plan Comparison

Plans and Packages  Swyft Filings  LegalZoom
Basic Package Price (without state fee) $299 + state fees    $349  + state fees
Processing Time 1 business day 7- 10 business days
Registered Agent Services $159 per year
Operating Agreement $99 extra
Employer Identification Number(EIN) Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Yearly Compliance 1st month free, $280 per year

Supreme Plan Breakdown

Swyft Filings

The final Supreme Plan that Swyft Filings provide has all the features from the previous two plus the following:

  • Electronic Delivery of State Documents
  • Digital Corporate Kit
  • Free Business Website and Web Hosting
  • Express filing time (7 business days)
  • VIP Processing

The Electronic Delivery of State Documents is a system that provides your receipt for the incorporation documents filed with the state. Which will immediately make them available to you for download via your online Swyft Filings account.

Their digital corporate kit includes a wide variety of tools designed to help your company stay compliant. The kit includes:

  • Company Seal – Customized digital seal with your company’s name, year formed, and state will allow you to properly mark all your company’s documents.
  • 20 Customized Stock Certificates – These certificates are going to distribute formal ownership documents to your company’s initial owners/shareholders.
  • Ownership ledger – A dedicated and specifically designed to properly set up the documents of all your company’s ownership transfers.

With this package, Swyft Filings also provide 3 months of Business Website and Web Hosting. This will help your business by establishing an online presence. You receive this package at no extra cost with the purchase of the Supreme package.

A few of the few benefits and features of this service are:

  • Websites are Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Setup your Online Store (eCommerce) in just minutes
  • Over 100 custom templates to choose from which you can further customize
  • Customers can contact you through your website with custom Contact Forms
  • Create custom Video and Photo Galleries on your website
  • Connect with your customers with easy Social Media Integration
  • Secure Web Hosting

Please note that you are not required to set up a website when you purchase the Supreme package. This is simply a value-added benefit that will help you launch your business online (if you haven’t already).

Finally, Swyft Filings include FedEx Tracking with their Supreme Package. This way you can easily track your order in real-time.


The final Plan that LegalZoom offers is the $349 Supreme package. It has all the features from the previous two packages but it also includes a couple of extras like:

  • VIP Processing
  • Express Shipping
  • Installment Plan

LegalZoom prioritizes your order with VIP Processing to ensure faster processing and LLC filing.

The fact that they provide Express Shipping is an advantage in itself. Because you’ll receive your filed docs with their fastest shipping option.

LegalZoom understands that LLC filing can get expensive. To help out small business owners, they offer an Instalment Plan which allows clients to pay on a monthly basis.

If you find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence, then their Express filing will be of great use to you. LegalZoom’s Express filing ensures that everything from start to finish will be done within 7 days.

Swyft Filings and LegalZoom: Pros and Cons

In the Section below we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of both Swyft Filing and LegalZoom.

Now that you’ve seen the Package Plan section and dove into each company’s value points, you will be able to differentiate the better formation package for your business.

The Pro and Cons section below will help you make the decision of finding the best LLC formation service.

The Pros of Swyft Filings

↑ The Customer Service & Ratings – Customer support is available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm CST. It allows you to contact them anytime during the week. They’re rated 4.6/5 on Trustpilot and 4.5/5 on Sitejabber

↑ Pricing and Packages – Flexible pricing model with great value for money packages. Also, an affordable formation service that allows you to start up with ease.

↑ Great turnaround times – In most states, you can expect your business to be created from 5 to 10 days. Even though they’re not the fastest on the market they still have some pretty decent turnaround times.

The Pros of LegalZoom

↑ Refund – LegalZoom waive/refund the fee within the first 60 days if you are not satisfied with their services or if you’d just like to try someone else. This shows a lot of trust in their system.

↑ Proven Track Record – LegalZoom has over 1 million business formation customers which prove that Customer Satisfaction is up to a high standard.

↑ Customer Support – Their team is available 7 days a week to answer all questions about your business. Also, personalized packages and related products and services.

The Cons of Swyft Filings

↓ Registered agent service not included – Unfortunately, unlike a lot of their competitors Swyft Filings do not provide Registered Agent Services in their formation packages. If you descide to move forward with them, you will need to hire a registered agent.

The Cons of LegalZoom

↓ Costly Packages – LegalZoom is significantly more expensive in their first two packages. And when it comes to services like an operating agreement and EIN, you’ll always have to pay extra for it.

If your still on the fence, we wrote up LegalZoom’s alternatives in this review. I’m sure this will help you make a better decision in finding the best formation service for your business.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to LegalZoom, they do offer a wider range of services in relation to Swyft Filings.

Their name says it all… The other important discernment between the two is that LegalZoom leans more towards the legal side of business formation. And they do offer advice and services like tax advice, guidance, or attorney help if required.

But if you do not need intense Legal Help, Swyft Filings is going to be a better option for you.

Simply because their packages are much cheaper! Even though the registered agent isn’t included Swyft Filings steam line the LLC formation process.

Swyft Filings has two options for expediting the process. Rush filing time around $50 (delivered within 7 business days) and Express around $100 (delivered within 2 business days).

Their prices may vary depending on the state that you’re filing your business.

On the other hand, LegalZoom’s filing times depend on the package you purchase. The more expensive the package, the faster the filing times (kind of annoying).

LegalZoom customer support is available during the weekends. Unlike Swyft Filings which is only available from Monday to Friday.

To sum things up both of these companies provide great formation services.

If you care more about getting Legal advice and help, then the logical choice for your business would be LegalZoom.

But if you’re just getting your business off the ground then, the cheaper option will definitely be more appealing. In that case, Swyft Filings will be good for you (Incfile and Inc Authority  offer  Free Formation Services)