Incorporate Fast Review: LLC Formation

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 29, 2024

Forming a business can be a very scary process and if you’re looking into Incorporate fast to file your LLC, you’ve come to the right place.

Incorporate Fast Inc. AKA IncFast is one of the companies that provide LLC formation services. But with so many other options out there, you need to ask yourself: are they the right fit for your business?

Fortunately for you, we have thoroughly researched them to give you a definite answer. In this IncFast review, we are going to go over the most important information that you need to know in order to make the most fit decision for your business.

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IncFast is a business formation company that will take care of the headache associated with creating and maintaining an LLC.

More specifically, they will form a corporation or LLC for you online and take care of some of the maintenance and compliance aspects afterward. These aspects can range from filing annual reports to helping your company elect to be taxed as an S Corporation.

With almost two decades of experience, they have been around long enough to form thousands of companies. IncFast has learned to adapt to changes in the formation services industry and has evolved into a professional and quick filing company. Their main value proposition: speed.

When it comes to turn-around time, there are only a few who can compete with them. And the best thing is that they don’t charge extra for it. You will pay less and have your company up and running in no time. Tough to beat that.

Now that we understand who Incorporate Fast Inc is and what they offer, let’s understand how much it costs to file an LLC with IncFast.

Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


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Incorporate Fast Reviews

After spending 4 hours searching for customer reviews, we conclude that there aren’t too many reviews of Incorporate Fast.

Website Average Score
Better Business Bureau (3 reviews) 5 out of 5

The good news is that IncFasts’ customer reviews are all positive. More specifically, we found many customer reviews praising IncFast for being very supportive and fast. While it’s regrettable that there is so limited feedback here, their long experience and value make us feel more confident in them.

Form an LLC with IncFast: Pros and Cons


↑ They Are Fast

While it takes weeks for most LLC formation companies to form your business, IncFast lives up to their name. They will file the documents with the state on the same business day that you apply, just like Northwest Registered Agent. The best thing is that they don’t charge extra for it. However, you need to know that there are factors out of their control. Every state will be different in regard to how fast you can form your LLC.

↑ They Are Experienced

Since 2002 they have helped form thousands of LLCs. IncFast is a well-established online LLC formation service.

↑ Their Least Expensive Package Offers A Lot of Value

We were surprised to notice that they don’t hold much back when it comes to the Basic LLC package. Incfast offers nearly everything you need in order to form an LLC.

↑ Year of Registered Agent Service for Free

A registered agent is vital to running your business. We appreciate that they include a year of registered agent services for free.

↑ Operating Agreement In All of their Packages

A lot of competitors hold many extra goodies like an operating agreement for the more expensive packages. IncFast doesn’t, they offer that in all LLC formation packages.


↓ There are Cheaper Options Out There

While IncFast provides a lot of value in each of their packages, we have found cheaper competitors like Incfile and Inc Authority (checkout our Inc Authority comparison here).

↓ Not Much Customer Feedback

As mentioned above, we couldn’t find much feedback when it comes to their LLC formation service. For such an old company, this is a little odd and raised a few red flags. At least, their offers are so good that counterbalance this drawback.

Incorporate Fast Quick LLC Formation Packages

Similar to, LegalZoom, and Incfile, IncFast has 3 main packages for limited liability companies (LLC) formation.

So, let’s take a look at each one and then examine which is ideal for your LLC.

Basic Package: Low-Cost LLC Formation

The Basic package costs $99 + state fees and it includes:

— Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are the document that needs to be filed with the state so to form your LLC. Incorporate Fast Inc will prepare this document and file it with the state.

— One Year of Registered Agent Service Free

registered agent is needed to receive tax notices, subpoenas, and correspondence related to your LLC. After the formation process, IncFast will provide a registered agent for a full year for free. Since you are required by every state to have a registered agent, this is a pretty good deal. Cancellation is easy if you wish to hire an external registered agent. If you wish to keep the service, the cost is $125 per year.

— Annual Report Filing

To keep compliant with the state that you form your LLC in, you will need to file an annual report. When signing up for the LLC basic package you by default request for annual reporting. Annual reporting costs $100/ year and you can cancel anytime, of course.

— Unlimited Name Searches

When you form your business, you will need to check if the name of your LLC is available. Incorporate Fast has a service that thoroughly checks legal systems to ensure that your LLC name is in the clear.

— Same Day Processing

As soon as you make your order, Incorporate Fast Inc will file the necessary documents with the state on the same day. This is where they provide great value if you want to establish an LLC fast, yet inexpensively. Note that they don’t work on weekends so that only applies to business days.

— Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a document that outlines the key responsibilities and duties of your company’s members. This isn’t required by any state but is very necessary when forming a bank account and advancing your LLC.

— IncFast Online Portal

This IncFast online portal is a platform where you will be able to keep track of things related to your formed company such as your operating agreement, tax ID number, and other LLC formation documents.

Is IncFast’s Basic Package Right for Me?

We rarely see so much value packed into one place and with such an attractive price tag. With all the services IncFast offers in the Basic package and for that price, this can be ideal for anyone.

Unfortunately, they do not offer an Employer Identification Number in their Basic LLC Package. And you absolutely need an EIN to operate your LLC after formation. But you can always get it as a separate service elsewhere if you wish to keep the cost down or simply file for your EIN yourself.

Deluxe Package:

The Deluxe package costs $199 + state fees and has everything the Basic has, plus:

— Employer Identification Number

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) AKA federal tax number, is basically a social security number for your LLC. It allows you to file for taxes, employ people, open a bank account, etc.

— Business Bank Resolution Template

IncFast will provide you with the template that you will need to open an LLC bank account.

— Membership/Stock Certificates

These certificates will be used to assign ownership to your company members.

Is IncFast’s Deluxe Package Right for Me?

When it comes to this package, we’re less enthusiastic. It seems that the most valuable additional service here is the EIN. But you can get this without paying $100.

Sure, there is also the bank resolution template and the ownership certificates. And in our opinion, after accounting for the EIN, they don’t charge much extra for them. So if you really want these items, this is a good deal.

However, you only want to establish an LLC right now, this might not be the right package for you.

Premium Package:

The Premium package costs $299 + state fees and has everything that the Deluxe has, but also:

— Corporate Book/Seal

They will ship a corporate binder with all of your LLC documents to you. They will also send you a custom corporate seal to make your documents look official.

Is IncFast’s Premium Package Right for Me?

Now, when it comes to this package, it will mostly appeal to those who have the cash to spare. New businesses usually don’t, so this won’t be for most.

However, the added cost here isn’t unreasonable if you compare it with similar offers from competitors. So, if you really want a corporate kit, you can rest assured you aren’t getting ripped off here. Additional Services:

Now, let’s take a look at what Incorporate Fast has to offer beyond their packages.

Annual Report Filing

Filing an annual report is often required by the state you form your company in.

This is a service that they already sign you up for if you select an IncFast package. But they also offer it separately. That is, you don’t have to incorporate with them to ask for it.

S Corporation Tax Status Election

They will file the necessary form (2553) with the IRS so your company is taxed as an S corporation. This will help you avoid double taxation.

Change of Registered Agent

Incorporate Fast Inc. can also help you with changing your registered agent.

+ Foreign Qualification

Do you want to start doing business in another state? No problem. IncFast will prepare and file the necessary documents so you can focus on your operations while they form a foreign LLC for you.

If you are not sure where to form your LLC, we go over and explain the best state to register an LLC.

Withdrawal of Foreign Qualification

What if for some reason you decide that you don’t want to do business in a foreign state anymore? IncFast will help you cut ties with that state.


If you ever desire to dissolve your company, they can also help you with that.


If you want to make changes to your articles of organization or any other formation documents, they can do that for you. These can be anything from an LLC name change, a change in membership, or a change in your business address.


If your company is dissolved and you want to get it up and running again, they might be able to revive it for you.

Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing is a document that verifies the existence of your company. It’s a necessary document if you want to do business in any state, so it’s convenient that you won’t have to go elsewhere to get it.

Certified Copies

If you want to get physical certified copies of your documents or membership certificates, they can deliver. The documents can be very important when opening a business bank account or applying for a loan.


Apostilles verify that documents such as your articles of organization are genuine. You can think of them as certifications that you will need to do business abroad.

Incorporate Fast Inc. vs LegalZoom

Now, let’s compare IncFast with one of their strongest competitors, LegalZoom.

For a fair comparison, we focused on LegalZoom’s cheapest packages as our pricing point comparison.

Incorporate Fast Inc. LegalZoom
Starting Price (minus state fees) $99 $79
Turnaround Time Same Business Day 30 Business Days
Yearly Registered Agent Service Cost $125/year $299/year
Free Registered Service for a Year TRUE FALSE
Operating Agreement TRUE FALSE
Financial Account Authorization Letter FALSE TRUE


As you will see, Incorporate Fast seems more expensive at first glance. $20 more, to be exact.

However, if we examine what each of them offers, the difference in cost changes dramatically and in the opposite direction.

First of all, Incorporate Fast Inc. offers one year of free registered agent service and LegalZoom does not. And we’re not talking peanuts here. A registered agent service can cost hundreds of dollars per year, so getting it for free for the first whole year will cut down the initial cost.

Speaking of the registered agent service cost, IncFast will charge you $125 per year (once the first year passes). On the other hand, LegalZoom will charge you $299 per year!

Now, account for the cost of the service from both providers and the one-year free service that Incorporate Fast offers. In just two years of operation, you will have paid $125 with Incorporate Fast (one year for free + $125 in the second year) and $598 with LegalZoom ($299 x 2 years)!

As we said, a dramatic change in cost.

With Incorporate Fast Inc. you will also get an operating agreement if you select their cheapest package. LegalZoom doesn’t offer that. While not vital for having your LLC formed, it’s an important document that you might need in the future.

To be fair, of course, we need to mention that LegalZoom offers a template that will help you open a bank account for your LLC. They call it “Financial Account Authorization Letter”. While IncFast also offers this, it’s included in another more expensive package.

But IncFast offers something way more valuable here: speed. Their turn-around time is the same business day that you complete your application. LegalZoom estimated turn-around time is 30 days, instead. Tough to beat that difference in value here.

If you’re still on the fence, we pulled together 5 LegalZoom alternatives. Check out our article for some more valuable knowledge.

The Verdict

All in all, IncFast has your back during the LLC formation process and the difficult period of compliance shortly after.

From the wide range of services to the low cost of forming your corporation or LLC, we think that they provide excellent value and they have the customer reviews to prove it! You simply can’t go wrong with them.

Bottom line, if you need LLC formation fast and want to limit running around for additional services, Incorporate Fast Inc has your back.