Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 29, 2024

Interested in Northwest Registered Agent?

If your looking to see if Northwest Registered Agent are the LLC formation service for your business, you’ve found the right article.

We think very highly of Northwest Registered Agent so much that they made the #3 spot in our top online incorporation service. In this article, we are going to share our experience forming an LLC with Northwest and explain what sets them apart from the average LLC formation service.

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Top Business Formation Services
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  • Form an LLC for $225 + state fees
  • Registered Agent Service included ($125)
  • Forming Businesses Since 1998
  • 100% Error-Free Guarantee
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  • Form an LLC for $0 + State Fees
  • FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
  • Trusted by over 500,000+ Businesses
  • 100% Transparency
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  • Form an LLC for $49 + State Fees
  • Fast & Simple LLC Formation
  • Launched Over 100,000 Businesses
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee




Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned online formation service that operates in Spokane, Washington, and was established back in 1998.

Their main differentiation point from competitors is that they have zero investors and use no salespeople. Northwest Registered Agent employs customer service employees also know as local Corporate Guides. Northwest Registered Agent’s Corporate Guides offer unreal customer support and are business experts.

Northwest Registered Agent provides each and every client with a Corporate Guide who is there to ensure that small business owners receive the help that they need in order to file the proper legal documents and ensure LLC formation in the best state.

Although Northwest Registered Agent isn’t the biggest LLC formation service, they have hundreds of positive customer reviews and it goes to show that they go above and beyond.

Northwest Registered Agent provides online LLC formation at $225 + state fees which includes a year of registered agent services. They aren’t the cheapest LLC filing company, but they offer 1 on 1 personalized customer support that justifies their LLC services.

Northwest Registered Agent provides many legal services related to starting and maintaining an LLC such as:

  • Online LLC formation
  • Registered agent service
  • Virtual office and a mail forwarding online dashboard
  • Annual business compliance
  • Do it yourself guides

Northwest Registered Agent is a down-to-earth LLC formation company that understands real value. They have invested in one of the most in-depth and thorough learning centers which are completely free and available to everyone.

Why we like Northwest Registered Agents

File your business for $225 + state fees
Year of registered agent services included
Great customer service—Corporate Guides

Why we dislike Northwest Registered Agents

More expensive than its competitors
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services

Northwest Registered Agent Review

Our Methodology:

Before diving into Northwest Registered Agent, we made it a point to create and follow a set of guidelines:

  • Does Northwest offer fair formation packages?
  • What are competitors offering?
  • What did customers who have already used Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation service have to say?

Those questions enabled us to follow true value and ensured that we provide the most valuable and in-depth overview out of the northwest registered agent reviews online.

We kept those principles in mind while we were analyzing features, their customer support, track record, professionalism, and overall value.

Let’s take a second to understand where Northwest Registered Agent offers value, where they come short and if they’re the LLC formation service for your business

Northwest Registered Agent Pros:

1. Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent has phenomenal customer support. They have in-house “Corporate Guides” that are available for their clients every step of the way. While forming an LLC with Northwest we called to better understand the tax implications of creating an LLC in Texas and the representative on the phone was super helpful. She gave us an answer immediately.

2. Free Registered Agent

An agent is a must-have when forming an LLC and Northwest Registered Agent provides that service for a full year for free. The majority of LLC formation services don’t offer that perk, for example, MyCorporation, BetterLegal, and Swyft Filings are competitors and they charge anywhere from $99-$149 a year in addition to the LLC filing costs.

3. Same Day Filing

If you’re looking to file your LLC quickly, Northwest practices same-day filing! They file your new LLC the same day that you decide to use Northwest. While the state receives all the information that they need, you will still need to wait for approval from the security of state which can take 7-21 days, depending on the state.

4. Experience

Northwest has been in the filing business since 1998 and their track record has guided them to be one of the best LLC formation services. They specialize in small/medium businesses and are famously know to get the job done minus the B.S. Since 98′, Northwest has helped establish around two million LLCs and takes on over four thousand businesses each month!

Northwest Registered Agent Cons:

1. Expensive

If we are going to look at Northwest alternatives, there are cheaper LLC formation services out there. At $225 plus state fees, They’re not the most economical. But again, if you’re looking for a professional LLC company to establish your new business and you want top customer support, Northwest is the optimal choice.

2. Lack of Customer-friendly Refund Policy

While Northwest has very good customer support, they do not have a clear refund policy. In fact, there isn’t any note of a refund for unsatisfied customers. There are many LLC competitors that make sure to offer a quality refund policy.

3. Lack of Customer Reviews

While auditing Northwest, one of the first steps that we took was to read through online reviews. We found a bit over three hundred customer reviews on Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp, but were supposed by the low customer review volume.

Hire Northwest Registered Agent if:

Northwest is great for entrepreneurs who want to tap into the perks of a free registered agent, amazing customer support, and professionalism in LLC formation. With their slogan “We’re Just Not Annoying”, you can trust them to get their work done properly so you can focus on your business operations.

Don’t Hire Northwest Registered Agent if:

There are other LLC formation services like Harvard business services that will set up your LLC for around $50 cheaper than Northwest. If cost is your main concern, Northwest Registered Agent might not be the best for you.

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent offers one LLC filing option. They don’t offer a confusing formation package or try to sneak up on you with hidden fees. Using Northwest makes business formation easy and simple.

While Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer formation packages, they do provide two payment methods:

  • Upfront one-time fee of $225 plus filing fees for LLC formation
  • Monthly payment- VIP service, cost based on state and varies $30/month – $70/month

These payment plans are in place to ensure that you choose the most comfortable financial method when hiring Northwest.

Pay Up Front

The upfront payment plan includes LLC filing and a registered agent for a year ($225 plus state filing fees). The upfront payment plan makes it super easy for business owners to get a company in legal formation and registered status.

If you’re interested, you will have the option to choose to add ons such as a virtual office, certificate of good standing, annual compliance services, and much more. We noticed that the annual compliance filings are automatically added and look as though they are free in the checkout cart. Choosing annual compliance is free, but you will be charged three months before the annual compliance filing is due so please be aware.

If you’d rather take care of yearly compliance by yourself, Northwest Registered Agent has a free Do it Yourself resource so make sure you uncheck the annual compliance.

Pay Monthly – VIP Service

If you would like to spread out your LLC filing costs, the VIP service is a great option! This includes everything the upfront payment has to offer plus your LLC Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Northwest Registered Agents’ monthly payment plan is to be spread out across twelve equal payments. The cost varies from $30/month – $70/month and is directly related to the state that you form your LLC (each state has a different filing cost).

Canceling Northwest Registered Agent Services

Canceling Northwest services is fairly simple and depends on the payment plan that you choose.

Upfront Payment

LLC cancelations with the upfront payment plan can be difficult because they practice same-day filing and therefore if you don’t want Northwest Registered Agent to file your new LLC, you need to cancel the services quickly.

Monthly Payment Plan (VIP Service)

If you decide that you’d like to cancel the monthly payment plan you may do so, but Northwest requires customers to pay for the remaining months that are on the contract.

While Northwest Registered Agent allows you to cancel their LLC formation process, you basically lose the funds, no matter which payment plan you choose.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formation Services

Whether you choose the upfront method or the VIP service, the services below are all included.

Note: As mentioned above, the VIP service also offers EIN registration as an included cost.

LLC Name Availability Check

Northwest name check

Northwest will make sure that the LLC name that you have chosen is available by running a web search through the secretary of state name database.

 Articles of Organization

The articles of organization is a required document that you must file in order to form an LLC. The articles of organization are the generic LLC formation paperwork and they must be filed properly. Northwest offers a tailor-made temple for your LLC.

One Year of Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is a nationwide business requirement and Northwest Registered Agent offers a full year for free. They will be in charge of receiving mail and other important notices to ensure that you are compliant. After the first year, this service will cost $125 annually. If you’d like to change your registered agent, simply let them know and they’ll help you with the process.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a document that outlines how an LLC will operate (member-managed or manager-managed). Creating an operating agreement is not a must, but it is highly recommended. If you need to establish a business bank account one of the first documents requested is your operating agreement. Northwest will help you pull it together to make sure that your business is in top shape.

Northwest Registered Agents offers LLC filing for $225 plus state fees. They will take care of your business formation quickly and provide a year of agent services. As noted above, a registered agent costs $125, so that added perk is a big benefit and turns out to be a big money saver when you look at the full picture.

Northwest Registered Agent Optional Add-ons

As mentioned above, the optional add-on services are related to the upfront payment method so if you are interested in paying upfront this section is for you.

Northwest Registered Agent offers more than just LLC filing for the round price of $225. There are many additional services below to choose from:

  • Annual Compliance($100/yearly): This is to be paid three months before yearly compliance is due plus state filing fees
  • EIN($50): This is also known as a tax ID for the IRS. Northwest charges a one-time fee of $50 (if you have your social security number, if not it costs $200)
  • S Corp Election With The IRS ($50): Request for taxation of LLC as an S-Corp (Note: a K-1 must be filed for partnership-based LLCs)
  • Premium Mail Forwarding ($40/month): A real personalized business address to receive mail on behalf of your LLC
  • Virtual Office ($49/monthly): Northwest offers virtual offices in Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and, Wyoming
  • Certificate Of Good Standing ($50): A document that verifies your LLC is in good standings with the state
  • Certified Copy of Offical Documents ($50): Operating agreement and other legal forms
  • Apostille ($400): A document that is useful for foreigners (not necessary if you have a foreign or domestic LLC ) and has no use in the US
  • Phone number ($9/monthly): Free for the first 60 days, Northwest registered Agent offers your business a second phone number
  • Corporate Books And Seals ($30-$125): Large variety of corporate certifications
  • FMCSA BOC-3 Filing ($125/yearly): A nationwide registration form required for transportation based businesses
  • FCC 499-A Registration ($125/yearly): A nationwide registration form required for telecommunication businesses

Does Northwest Registered Agent Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent has a refund policy.

In the event that you cancel your business formation before the arrival of the legal document to the Security of State, you can receive a refund. But if Northwest Registered Agent files the legal documents with the state, you may only receive a portion of their refund cost. The state filing fee will be 100% nonrefundable because that goes to the state.

If you would like to cancel the agent services, just make sure to give them a call 90 days upon signing up and ask for a refund. You most likely won’t receive the full refund, but a percentage of the cost.

Northwest Registered Agent Customer Reviews

Overall there aren’t that many customer reviews of Northwest Registered Agents noting that they’ve been in business since 1998. This came as a shock to us because they are known to provide such great support.

We were able to track down customer reviews on Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google Business Reviews.

Source Number of Reviews Rating
Better Business Bureau 79 reviews 4.4/5 stars


Trustpilot 3 reviews 3.3/5 stars
Google Business Reviews 227 reviews 4.5 stars
Yelp 41 reviews 4.5 stars

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Competitors

After analyzing upwards of 350 reviews we can confidently say that Northwest Registered Agent provides great LLC formation services. The majority of the customer feedback was positive noting that they have super knowledgeable staff and have great customer support.

It goes without saying that Northwest Registered Agent provides super professional LLC services, heck, they’ve made it to our #1 spot on the best-registered agent companies for LLC formation. But just because we think they offer great incorporation service, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are perfect for your LLC.

Nowadays there are dozens of LLC formation companies, and if your looking for a filing service it can get overwhelming. Below are the leading three competitors that can help you form an LLC.

Kicking things off with the pricing, Incfile is a filing company that offers LLC formation for $0 plus state fees. Like Northwest Registered Agent, Incfile offers a year of free registered agent service in their base package.

Not only does Incfile offer a get price point to get your business rolling, but they also have a real-time tracking tool that ensures great customer support and allows business owners to follow everything that’s happening with the LLC online.

Looking at Northwest vs Incfile, the pricing is in favor of Incfile so if that is the most important aspect of forming your business, go with Incfile. If customer support is what you’re forcing on then Northwest Registered Agent is the filing business to go for as they offer top support and premium registered agent service.

If you’re interested in the difference between Incfile and LegalZoom, we coved both of them in a separate article.

Why we like Incfile

$0 formation cost + state filing fee
1 FREE year of registered agent services
Very solid customer feedback

Why we dislike Incfile

Many upsells
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services

If you’re looking to start an LLC online we highly recommend checking out ZenBusienss as they give great filing services starting at just $49 plus a state fee. ZenBusiness offers three formation packages with different add-on services available.

ZenBuisness offers very straightforward LLC formation packages to choose from with great customer support throughout the process.

ZenBusiness like Incfile and Northwest offer a registered agent, but not for free. Looking at that category, Northwest is the superior service provider.

If you’re looking into  ZenBusiness or Northwest, scan our in-depth comparison, I’m sure you will find it valuable.

Why we like ZenBusiness

Exceptional customer reviews
File your business for $49 + state fees
Super professional

Why we dislike ZenBusiness

Established in 2015, limited record
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More services
Legalzoom icon



LegalZoom is one of the most well-known filing companies in the LLC industry. Aside from the added value of brand authority, LegalZoom offers a variety of other legal services on top of the general new business formation process.

If you think you might need additional legal help, LegalZoom is a great alternative to other incorporation services as they have a wider scope.

LegalZoom like BiZFilings and ZenBusiness offers three formation packages to choose from. The basic and starting LLC package costs $79 plus state fees. LegalZoom is known to be a bit more expensive changing extra for services such as an EIN, Operating Agreement, registered agent service, and more.

Another comparing point is turnaround time. If you use Northwest, you get same-day processing, while LegalZoom offers different turnaround times based on the formation package. It can take up to 30 days for LLC approval with LegalZoom’s base package.

When looking at overall value, Northwest comes out on top over LegalZoom in support and cost, but if you need additional services and brand power interests you, LegalZoom is a great option.

Why we like LegalZoom

File your business for $79 + state fees
4.1 / 5 rating on Trustpilot
Lifetime customer support

Why we dislike LegalZoom

Registered agent services not included
Value to cost


Ease of Use




Customer Care


More Services


Summing Up Northwest Registered Agent

After analyzing and reviewing many LLC services, we found Northwest to be of the best incorporation service providers. With over 20 years of experience and amazing customer feedback, Northwest Registered Agent makes it easy and painless to hire a registered agent service and form an LLC.

As you saw in the Northwest Registered Agent review, there are many supporting services such as an annual report, business address, premium registered agent, and more.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC services is very straightforward and what you see is what you get with them.

If you’re looking to get personalized and professional customer support while forming an LLC with a fast turnaround time, Northwest Registered Agent is undoubtedly the incorporation service for you.

Northwest Registered Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Is Northwest Registered Agent legitimate?

Absolutely Northwest Registered Agent is legitimate. Northwest is a family-owned business based out of Spokane, Washington. They employ more than 200 employees and have been in business for over 20 years.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent Cost?

Northwest Registered Agent charges $100 for LLC filing and $125 for registered agent service. Those services come together, and the final cost is $225 plus state fees.

Are Registered Agents Worth it?

Paying a small fee for a registered agent to receive your legal forms and accept official mail on behalf of your LLC is a huge benefit and highly worth it. A registered agent keeps track of important mail and makes sure notices are organized and easy to find.