ZenBusiness LLC Review: Best LLC Formation Service?

    by Luke Iovino
Updated July 23, 2021

Looking for the best LLC formation service or are you simply looking to incorporate your business?
Starting a new business venture can be intimidating at first. Think of everything that needs to be set up; from legal documents to developing your website to accounting.

Man, wouldn’t it be incredible to have an automation service that took care of your basic start-up needs? Voila! Believe it or not, it already exists and it’s called ZenBusiness. Think of an automation software designed for entrepreneurs and their basic start-up needs.
In this article we are going to go over everything you need to know about ZenBusiness and if there a suitable business formation service for you. We spend hours researching ZenBusiness, so do yourself a favor and read on!

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Whos is ZenBusiness

The platform was founded in Texas, in 2015.  The idea stemmed from helping entrepreneurs cover basic operations. Whether it’s legal needs, website domains, LLC paperwork, etc, ZenBusiness offers fantastic guidance to business owners.

Think of ZenBusiness as a checklist that you don’t have to worry about.

ZenBusiness offers 3 packages at a low cost.  Their business automated services cover logistical needs so business owners don’t have to think about it. Its goal is to save time and money, while helping you grow your business.

When starting a business, you don’t have a checklist of what is needed. But think of ZenBusiness as a way to guide you while checking off items without you having to worry about them! We’re going to dive into a  ZenBusiness review and whether or not it’s worth it.

How is ZenBusiness Set Up?

ZenBusiness is your standard website. You can make a login to access a portal and all your information and statuses.

ZenBusiness offers 3 different tiers depending on your business needs. Three package options: starter, pro, and premium. The prices range from $49 to $299 billed, once a year.

Each package adds additional features and allows a start-up to progress.

ZenBusiness Starter Package ($49)

The first option is their starter package.  It offers their basic formation services, such as providing a registered agent.

Assigning a registered agent is unique to ZenBusiness. It means you’re assigned to a registered agent in the state of your company.

This agent is responsible for all government notifications, correspondence, legal and logistical basics. Their job is to ensure your business is legitimate.

Having a registered agent makes your life much easier and less to think about.

The starter package also includes LLC formation and operating paperwork. Everything you need for the logistics of starting a business, without the hassle and at an affordable cost.

The starter package is exactly that: it gets you started with your business and files your LLC. The standard filing fee and the yearly cost is only $49 which is reasonable when its competitors are almost double the price and without a registered agent.

ZenBusiness Pro Package ($149)

The next package ZenBusiness has to offer is its pro package. This package upgrades everything you get with the start package, for an additional $100, for an annual fee of $149.

Although it seems like a big jump from the starter package, the cost is still worth what you get.

In addition to having a registered agent, LLC formation, and documentation, you will have your business assigned an EIN.

An EIN stands for: Employer ID Number. Your EIN number is for tax purposes when you file your taxes under your business name.

It can be a tedious process but all taken care of under the ZenBusiness platform.

Even better, with the pro package you will have a CPA assessment for your business. This package also offers an operating agreement template for legal operation agreements.

You will have all of these features at a faster pace than the starter package. The pro package is the most popular because of how much you can have completed without the worry and all at a reasonable, one-time annual fee.

ZenBusiness Premium Package ($249)

This is the last package option for ZenBusiness and the most costly at $249 per year.

You get everything you would under the pro package option but more features to help grow your business faster.

In addition to the features you get with the pro package, with the premium package, you have features that help launch your website. The platform will help establish your website host and domain.

This package will also help create your business email account so you don’t forget to create it. Everything to launch your online business platform is taken care of in one seamless transaction.

Along with creating the foundation for your online platform, the premium package offers bank resolution and helps guide you through establishing a company bank account, while still offering a CPA assessment.

The ZenBusiness premium package takes care of all of your basic business needs so you can focus on running your business. This package is ideal for those who need extra help through start-up procedures and don’t want stress while trying to keep track of these items and manage to complete them in a timely fashion.

It’s also helpful to have all the legal documents to be secured under one platform for easy future access.

ZenBusiness Package Comparison

Now that we have gone over the ZenBusiness starter, pro and premium package. In the chart below our team compared the packages head to head.

Products & Services  Starter Pro Premium
File LLC
Name availability search
Phone & email support
Online Document Access
Credit card offer
Accounting consultation
Business guide
Registered agent
Operating agreement template
Google ads credit
Standard filing speed
Expedited filing +50
Rush filing +100 +100
Banking resolution template +30
EIN +70
Worry-free compliance +110 (annually)
Business website +50 (annually) +50 (annually)
Business domain +25 (annually) +25 (annually)
Domain name privacy
Business email

ZenBusiness Vs LegalZoom

ZenBusiness, Northwest and LegalZoom some of the best know LLC formation services. In this section, we are going to take ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom and face them off.

ZenBusiness and LegalZoom are often compared as the best in the business formation industry since their products overlap necessary categories and both handle logistics pertaining to a business.

LegalZoom has been around for a while, longer than ZenBusiness. It initially started as just a LegalPlatform for individuals and businesses, offering advice and templates for basic legal needs.

Now they’ve branched off and offered more features for start-up business needs.

For everything you need for your start-up, both of these services comparably have lots of guidance and useful resources for a new business owner. We went through the pros and cons of each platform and we feel you get more bank for your buck when you go with ZenBusiness.

For starters, ZenBusiness is much cheaper annually, almost by half, than LegalZoom.

Plus, you have a registered agent to help guide you through documents for the first year; you don’t have that option with LegalZoom.

Additionally, LegalZoom has extra options for added costs while ZenBusiness is a flat annual fee with lots to offer.

While LegalZoom is perfect if you’re looking for more legal resources, assistance and information, if you just need help with basic start-up protocols, ZenBusiness still makes the most sense and is at a cheaper cost.

We have also researched Incfile and LegalZoom and wrote a separate article.


We believe ZenBusiness is an affordable and incredible program for any start-up or small business.

Depending on your needs, you can have extra help starting up your business without the hassle or additional costs if you were to handle everything.

The packages cover the basics but ZenBusiness offers more features for seamless business growth; such as getting a business credit card or business bank account.

Starting a business is already stressful, so why not make it easier on yourself?

ZenBusiness provides relief to have a pre-programmed checklist and assistance with basic questions. It’s an easier and cost-effective way to handle start-up business logistics without stress.

You can even add features on for extra fees if there’s additional help you need but don’t have the time. ZenBusiness makes a start-up protocol seamless.

The prices compared to competitors are fairly low, considering what you’re getting. Having your own agent assigned to your business helps.

Our verdict? After reviewing ZenBusiness, we think it’s 100% worth the investment. In fact, based on customer reviews and our first-hand experience with ZenBusiness, there a winner!

Clients are generally happy with their platform and customer service. You can always start with their starter package and upgrade if you’re happy with their service. You don’t have much to lose and if you’re still skeptical, just start with the lowest package since it’s only $49.

A business venture is an investment; it’s an investment in money and in time. ZenBusiness is an LLC formation service that saves time and money, while relieving you of some stressors that inherently come with start-up business ventures.

All of ZenBusiness features will help you grow your business faster. And for a small price, you don’t have to worry.

ZenBusiness FAQ’s:

Q: What’s is ZenBusiness processing time to form an LLC with ZenBusiness?

A: The formation team will get started right away, but official formation times vary state-to-state. On average ZenBusiness takes 2 -4 weeks to file your LLC.

Q: Does ZenBusiness have a Refund Policy?

A: Yes. Buy with confidence knowing that purchases are 100% refundable. Minus any expenses incurred to begin your formation. Once payments and formation info go to the state, they cannot accept any cancellations or changes to filings.

Q: Is it true that ZenBusiness does not have hidden fees?

A: When they say no hidden fees, that’s exactly what they mean. Unlike most companies, ZenBusiness will only charge you for the services you select during your formation process. Because they offer “slim” formation packages, you may need to purchase additional services, but they are not hidden.