LegalZoom vs Incfile: LLC Formation Comparison

    by Benjamin Aronson
Updated May 29, 2024

Found the best state to form your business but you’re stuck on which LLC formation service to choose?

We compared the LLC filing costsLLC processing time, and features that Incfile and LegalZoom provide, then compared them head to head.

Both LLC formation services file Non-profitscorporationslimited liability companies (LLC), and more, so if you’re looking for a top-notch company to file your LLC, read on!

Top LLC Formation Services
FinancePond Rating
  • Form an LLC for $0 + State Fees
  • FREE Registered Agent Service for a Year
  • Trusted by over 500,000+ Businesses
  • 100% Transparency
FinancePond Rating
  • Form an LLC for $49 + State Fees
  • Fast & Simple LLC Formation
  • Launched Over 100,000 Businesses
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
FinancePond Rating
  • Form an LLC for $225 + state fees
  • Registered Agent Service included ($125)
  • Forming Businesses Since 1998
  • 100% Error-Free Guarantee

Incfile Review

Incfile opened it’s doors back in 2004 and since then, they have built their reputation up as one of the best LLC providers and helped over 500,000 businesses launch!

There are countless incorporation services that offer business formation and registered agent services, but Incfile’s quick turnaround times and customer support has shot them to the top.

LegalZoom Review

Legalzoom is a legal services company that offers formation services, business tax consultation, and much more without having to hire an attorney. LegalZoom has been in the company formation space since 2001 and has helped over a million business owners.

With one of the strongest brands in the industry, LegalZoom provides all of the legal services that you need when starting a business.

Incfile vs LegalZoom: Who is The Better LLC Filing Company?

Our Methodology:

Before we dove into our Incfile and LegalZoom review we asked ourselves the following:

  • Do these companies offer fair deals?
  • What are competitors offering?
  • What did customers who have already used these services say?

Those were the questions that we kept in mind while we were analyzing features, customer service, professionalism, and overall value. These are the guidelines that will help us find the best LLC formation service for you.

Choose Incfile –

If you’re at the start of your entrepreneurial path and you’re looking for a company to help you file your legal forms without breaking the bank, Incfile is definitely the service for you.

Choose LegalZoom –

If you are looking for a formation company with thousands of customer reviews, years of experience, and internationally strong brand power, LegalZoom is your best bet.

Incfile and LegalZoom Similarities

Experience: Incfile and LegalZoom have help hundreds of thousands of businesses file LLCs and corporations. When it comes to professionalism and experience, they both qualify.

Education: Both companies offer a large archive with relevant information to learn from. LegalZoom has hundreds of explanatory articles and Incfile has a whole learning center with valuable content guiding business owners throughout the company formation process.

Affordability: Filing an LLC with an attorney is highly expensive. Both legal services provide fair and accessible prices.

Customer Support: Both business formation services have top-of-the-line support. After going through hundreds of customer reviews, we can confidently say that they give great online legal service support.

Additional Services: LegalZoom and Incfile offer many additional services than just classic LLC formation (employer identification number (EIN), operating agreement, registered agent services). They are equipped with professionals on hand to provide custom legal forms as well as business tax consultation, general lifetime company alerts, and banking resolution templates.

Incfile vs LegalZoom: LLC Packages:

Incfile and Legalzoom offer much more than simply filing LLC formation documents. Like ZenBusiness,, MyCorporation, and many other competitors, both companies provide three formation packages to choose from. LegalZoom provides many services that can be purchased independently where Incfile has general packages and additional services that can be added to existing packages.

In the section below we are going to look at Incfile vs LegalZoom side by side based on corresponding LLC packages.

Basic LLC Formation Comparison

Incfile “Silver” Legalzoom “Economy”
Package Fee (State Fee Not Included) $0 $79
Processing Time Next business day 30 days
Registered Agent 1st-year free, $119 per year following $159 per year
Operating Agreement $40 $99
EIN Registration $70 Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Annual Compliance Free (company alerts) 1st month free, $320 per year
Counseling Services 1 hour of Tax consultation X

Basic Package Takeaways:



  • $79 plus state fees to file articles of organization
  • Processing time is estimated to occur within 30 days
  • Registered agent is not included, an cost an additional $159 a year

Traditional LLC Formation Comparison

Incfile “Gold” Legalzoom “Standard”
Package Fee (State Fee Not Included) $149 $329
Processing Time Next business day 15 days
Registered Agent 1st-year free, $119 per year following $159 per year
Operating Agreement $99
EIN Registration Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Annual Compliance Free (company alerts) 1st month free, $320 per year
Counseling Services 1 hour of Tax consultation X

Traditional Package Takeaways:


  • $149 + state fee
  • A custom operating agreement will be included in this package (gold package)
  • LLCs EIN will be registered, this is also included in the gold package


  • $329 + state fee
  • LegalZoom reduced their processing time down to 15 days
  • Receive a unique corporate kit

Supreme LLC Formation Comparison

Incfile “Platinum” Legalzoom “Express Gold”
Package Fee (State Fee Not Included) $299 $349
Processing Time Next business day 7-10 business days
Registered Agent 1st-year free, $119 per year following $159 per year
Operating Agreement $99
EIN Registration Must be bundled with Operating Agreement, $159
Annual Compliance Free (company alerts) 1st month free, $320 per year
Counseling Services 1 hour of Tax consultation X

Supreme Package Takeaways:


  • $299 + state fees to file LLC
  • Incfile adds in business contract templets
  • Domain name and website preparation are included


  • $349 + state fees to file LLC
  • Fastest processing time
  • LegalZoom adds in express delivery

Incfile vs Legalzoom: Service Comparison


$0 plus state filing fees with Incfile

Incfile will completely file your LLC for $0. You might also want them to act as your registered agent which is free for the first year. If you want them to file for your EIN, that will be an added cost.

$79 plus state filing fees with LegalZoom

LegalZoom charges $79 to create your LLC. There are many LegalZoom alternatives that charge higher than that amount making it a good price point. To add, LegalZoom offers many additional business services such as filing of intellectual property, annual report filing, and other legal documents all at an additional charge.

↪ When looking at Incfile vs LegalZoom on pricepoint, Incfile is a more economical company formation service.

Registered Agent Service

A year of free registered agent service with Incfile

Incfile is a business formation company that not only offers a super-economical price point, they also offer a registered agent for a full year. No matter which package you choose (silver gold and premium) for you’re a small business, throughout every formation process they provide an agent. Every year following costs $119.

$159 a year for LegalZoom agent services

Throughout LegalZooms packages they, unfortunately, do not offer registered agent services, rather it’s an additional expense. At $159 they are expensive, not only compared to Incfile but to other competitors like Swyft filing or BizFilings.

↪ When looking at Incfile vs LegalZoom in this category, Incfile provides a full year of registered agent service. That is a very nice perk for a small business starting out.

Turnaround Times

Incfiles’ platinum package takes 2 days to file a new business

The bottom line with Incfile is that they are fast. If you’re looking to file your LLC with Incfile you should know that for the majority of their packages, turnaround time is 1-2 days (even if you opt for the free business formation), yet it may take longer. They claim to file your LLC immediately but the real waiting depends on the state your file your new business.

LegalZoom’s fastest LLC formation package is express gold which takes 10 business days

The main differentiator out of the services that LegalZoom offers for LLC filing is time. LegalZooms’ economy package takes 30 days, the standard package takes 15 days and express gold takes 10 days. Similar to Incfile, the filing time depends on the state.

↪ Out of all the services and LLC providers, Incfile is known to get things done quickly, and if that’s a focus point for your limited liability company Incfile could be great for your business.

Customer Support

LegalZoom is available 7 days a week

It is important to note that both Incfle and LegalZoom are large corporations, but when it comes to support, LegalZoom is performing very well. LegalZoom makes themselves very available for their customers, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm ET throughout the week and 10:00 am -7:00 pm ET on weekends. They are essentially available 7 days a week, in regard to the hours above.

Incfile offers phone support throughout the week

Incfile offers email and phone support. They work throughout the week from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CST and claim to respond as quickly as possible. While filing an LLC for this review we wanted to see their response time on a Tuesday afternoon and we had to wait for a full 24hour until they got back to us.

↪ Both companies have great support, but if you’re looking for an LLC provider that responded almost immediately, use LegalZoom.

Customer Reviews

LegalZoom has thousands of reviews across many ranking websites

Since 2001, LegalZoom has been helping small businesses with filing and LLC formation and has thousands of positive reviews. On the Better Business Bureau, LegalZoom has just over 3,000 reviews and scored a customer rating of 4.34/5. We did find negative reviews, but all in all, LegalZoom does a great job at keeping their customers happy.

Incfile is a customer-facing company, and you can see it in the reviews

Incfile opened shop a bit after LegalZoom and therefore has much fewer customer reviews. Almost all of the reviews Incfile received were positive, ranking a 4.4/5 on the Better Business Bureau.

↪ Incfile has much fewer reviews than LegalZoom. Looking at customer review scores, Incfile takes the cake but looking at the number of customer reviews, LegalZoom wins. Both companies are highly respected by customers.

Additional Features and Services

LegalZoom offers small business and personal legal services

Although LegalZoom is known for LLC filing services(employer identification number, operating agreement, articles of organization) they offer much more than just that. LegalZoom has a mission to “democratize law”. They offer just about everything that a small business needs to thrive. With LegalZoom attorneys and tax experts are by your side. They also offer personal services such as will and testament, power of attorney, divorce documents, property aid, and much more.

Incfile is an LLC formation professional

Incfile prides itself on providing the absolute best business filing services they can offer. They are there to help form an LLC and maintain annual compliance. They put a focus on annual reporting, doing business as (DBA) names, Employer identification numbers, agent services, and of course filing operating agreements.

↪ Both of these business formation professionals offer a ton of value and additional features, but if you’re looking for more than just LLC filing, LegalZoom knows how to give service beyond the general “small business” overview.


Now that we’ve completely gone over the online legal services that Incfile and LegalZoom offer I hope that as a business owner, you feel more confident in the business that you choose to help you file your LLC.

If you’re still stuck well help you find which LLC service is best for you:

Incfile is best for –Business owners who are looking to get top legal care, without paying a top dollar price.

LegalZoom is best for – Employers who are looking for a formation company with strong brand power and excellent customer support.

Whether you choose Incfile or LegalZoom, you are in the great hands of small business leaders who will do everything to make sure you’re business succeeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incfile trustworthy?

Incfile has been helping small businesses since 2004 and has a near-perfect track record. In almost 20 years they have launched over 500,000 small businesses.

Is LegalZoom a waste of money?

If you’re trying to form an LLC, LegalZoom can help with that service, but they are far from economical. There are many other alternatives that can get the job done in fewer business days and at a cheaper cost.

Is Incfile good for LLC?

Incfile is a great option for LLC formation. They offer LLC filing for $0 plus state fees, free registered agent service for a year, and ongoing compliance reminders.

Are there alternatives LLC formation services to choose from?

There are great Norwest Registered Agent Alternatives, ZenBusienss Alternatives, and other formation services like Incorporate Fast, MyCorporation, and BetterLegal.